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What is being done to vilify licenced motorcycle & scooter riders on registered CTP insured bikes is extraordinary. Apparently, in VicPol Commissioner Weir’s opinion not only is it legitimate to include unriders in our crash stats, it’s OK to pad the figures with casualties from crashes involving unregistered, uninsured toy vehicles.

With opinions like that, it is no wonder that the Victorian “road safety partners” policies to reduce road trauma continue to fail.

The road safety partners never use the media to define the cause of most road casualties which is car driver error. It is better for them to blame the victims. Of the 42 motorcycle(?) fatals in 2022 so far, 26, well over half, were in metropolitan Melbourne. That says to me that cars were involved in a significant number of these rider deaths. Then there’s the serious injuries.

The Herald Sun’s Mr Egging did not go there.

In my opinion, reliable crash statistics and comparisons of crash rates between legitimate motorcyclists, unriders and toy vehicle users would better develop reliable, effective road trauma countermeasures. In 2022 Victoria certainly does not have reliable, effective road trauma countermeasures.

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