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Are Australian made, electric, road registered motorcycles & scooters included? Or, even thought about?

The Victorian Election is on November 26, 2022.

If you are part of the Victorian Government in 2023:

1. Will you work to establish an all-party, Parliamentary Road Safety Committee?

2. Will you work to establish a crash/traffic data authority that is independent of the Victorian road safety partners as recommended by the 2012 Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety (PIMS)?

3. Will you work to ensure that Victorian Government responses to recommendations of Parliamentary road safety inquiries are written by elected representatives and experts who are independent of the road safety partners to avoid conflicts of interest?

Damien Codognotto OAM


The Motorcycle Riders Association Australia

Candidate Sophie Paterson.

Hi Damien,

I am a yes to all questions.

I am running in the Upper House Eastern, primarily due to the lack of focus of regional issues in Parliament, and the lack of integrity in decision making. The transfer of decision making to Government controlled bodies is a concern to me.

I’m also across and support many of the issues you raise in terms of regional road safety (increasing potholes and lack of spend to quality road infrastructure repairs) and concerns about the barriers. The Sale to Bairnsdale Road is a real issue.

I’ve attached my card if you want any information, and also the feature that appeared in the South Gippsland Times yesterday. Happy to answer any questions you have about what my priorities would be.

Regards Sophie Paterson


G’day Damian.

After much consideration with the Oatlands Football Club and Vintage MCC of Tasmania Executive, Sponsors and Contractors, the decision to postpone the event has been made. The VMCCT Executive will convene a meeting to come up with a new date ASAP. The decision was not made solely on the weather forecast for the weekend but many other factors.

Please pass on to your friends and contacts.


0439 481 291

The Kentish Hotel. Oatlands in Tasmania.


Hi Everyone

Thank you all for supporting the Skills Day for the Full Gear program at Baskerville this coming Saturday Nov 19th.

The weather is looking really good at the moment, with a top of 23 degrees and a late shower likely after we have finished for the day.

We do need 4 volunteers to man the flag points, which we can rotate throughout the day.

At other times, we are hoping that you will support the young people in their own learning, providing advice where you see fit. Remember, that the young people may get differing advice from all of you, but that’s OK, any advice you give just try to make it relevant to their own skill level.

We will place Butchers paper on the wall for each rider to record their own learnings and they will get to take this home at the end of the day. Each rider must put up something after each 10 minute session on the track this is the chance to offer feedback. Most riders will be riding their LAMS approved bike on the day. A few have dirt bikes so won’t be making any record times. The main idea is about promoting road safety and improving their skill level. Each bike has been inspected by horizon motorcycles prior to entering the track, as part of this program, and I paid for that through the funding.

I’m hoping to group together any arrivals on the day, so we are not closing the track too much. People can arrive at 8-9am, 12pm or 3pm.

I have ordered some fuel cards, and if possible, please fuel up on the way there, and I’ll reimburse you with the fuel card. Also, I have extra fuel cards if you need to run out to Gagebrook United petrol station at lunch. We will have 2 emergency jerry cans as well.

We have a photographer there for the day, and we will do some promotion after the event, most likely in the Mercury and elsewhere mentioning the MRA, Sports Riders Club, Horizon Motorcycle, Bikeworks, Bucaan Community House and others. Scott Tilyard from the Road safety Advisory Council, from our funding body will be there on the day, on his motorbike. Mayor Bec Thomas will also make an appearance as well.

Thanks again for your help

Please call me on 0478 777 020 if you need.


So far this is the plan for Saturday:

8 am Arrival
Bike check with scrutineers (Jono and Wade from Sports Riders Club) Throttle snap back Chain tension Footpegs Tyres

Sign on for everyone – IMPORTANT WAIVER

9am Walk the track

9:30am Rider’s Briefing: Track Manager – Peter Woods
Rules: No overtaking in braking zones or on the inside
IF there is a crash, First rider to scene to help – others get off to allow recovery Entering and exit of the track Allocate 4 x Flag point volunteers Pick up radio and take positions Recovery vehicle Ambulance

10:00am – 12:00 pm TRACK SESSION
3 groups of 4 riders. 10 mins per session
Cornering – Selecting lines, entry and exit Braking while cornering Emergency braking and ABS test (if bikes equipped) – Jon will demonstrate

12:00pm LUNCH
Senior riders demonstration
PRESENTATION: Damien Codognotto on history of motorcycling 
Discussion: Hydration, sleep, eating well. Mood.

1:00pm – 3:00pm TRACK SESSION
Obstacle Avoidance/Swerving – simulate road kill under vehicle in front – chalk it Counter-steering Understanding survival response/reaction


3:30 – 5:00pm OPEN RIDE in groups (no structured lessons)

Community Development Officer – Children, Youth and Families (Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri)
Full Gear Project Officer (Thu)
(03) 6216 6766 | | 374 Main Road, Glenorchy


With the floods and everything else that’s happened in 2022 lots of families need all the help they can get. Three ways you can help. Get as many people as you can to the MRAT (S) TOY RUN in Tasmania or the TOY RUN for Father BOB (in Central Victoria for the first time) or the Bikers for Kids TOY RUN in Newcastle NSW. Volunteer to help.


In October 2022, Mrs Beverly McArthur, MP for Western Victoria, wrote. “I recently met with local farmer Peter Keays, with James Bennett-Hullin for Geelong, to discuss the dangers of wire rope barriers on the Fyansford-Gheringhap Road. The wire rope barriers on this stretch of road have been hit twenty times now, yet prior to their installation, there were no accidents. This is a total waste of taxpayer money and it’s the opposite to safe.”


A small white car does not take the sweeping left-hand bend. It goes straight ahead towards what could have been a run-off area but for a wrongly placed fence.

Australian road authorities, definitely VicRoads, have known about wire rope barriers “vaulting” cars into the air since about 2011. The manufacturers warned VicRoads not to place wire rope barrier anchor points where they could be hit by cars. VicRoads did not listen.

The crash in this video has similarities to the quadruple fatal at Pyalong in Victoria in 2015.In the Pyalong crash the car ran up the anchor point cables, flew into the air, rolling and hit the tree well above the downward sloping road side roof first. The meant none of the car’s safety features like airbags and crumple zones were effective. Had the holden gone down the slope on its’ wheels the front of the car would have hit the trees. The crash would have been much more survivable. The VicRoads expert told the Coroner’s Court that had the wire rope barrier been placed differently or not been there the outcome would have been different. An eye witness was not called nor a statement given to the court. The crash investigators were official advisors to the Coroner. Conflict of interest? The Coroner found that the deaths occurred when the car hit the tree. No mention of the wire rope barrier or vaulting. As far as we know, no one was ever held to account for the crash. This type of wire rope barrier is still in place all over Australia. See attached. Please watch the youtube video more than once. 

Think about this. It could have been you and yours in that little white car.

The Victorian election is on Saturday, November 26, 2022. 

The candidates for seats in Parliament will be listed on the Victorian Electoral Commission’s (VEC) website on November 11. You can, and should, go to the VEC for contacts for candidates in your electorate. Tel: 131 832 or visit .  

Think about your vote. Everyone has different interests, health, cost of living, education, transport, defence and so on. Voting is important. The MRAA’s primary interest is road safety so we will be asking candidates the following 3 questions. Feel free to copy them and ask them too.

If you are part of the Victorian Government or Opposition in 2023: 

1. Will you work to establish an all-party, Parliamentary Road Safety Committee?   

2. Will you work to establish a crash/traffic data authority that is independent of the Victorian road safety partners as recommended by the 2012 Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety (PIMS)?   

3. Will you work to ensure that Victorian Government responses to recommendations of Parliamentary road safety inquiries are written by elected representatives and experts who are independent of the road safety partners to avoid conflicts of interest?

Damien Codognotto OAM


The Motorcycle Riders Association Australia

From the Melbourne Herald Sun. October 17, 2022.

From STEVE BARDSLEY to Ian Royall at the Melbourne Herald Sun. Monday, October 31, 2022.

Dear Ian.

Further to the Herald Sun article on unriders and how they distort motorcycle crash data, please find attached my latest report “Anti-Motorcycle Bias in Victoria”.

The report discusses on page 8 Un-riders and how they distort statistics, importantly the report highlights a much unknown phenomena regarding motorcycle statistics, which is that whenever there is a collision involving a motorcycle and another vehicle, it is usually the driver, not the rider that is at fault and my report uses empirical and undeniable evidence to prove this, unfortunately this is evidence that is not stated by the Victorian road safety partners when quoting how motorcycle riders are over represented in the accident statistics.

The harsh reality is, drivers kill riders, riders do not kill drivers and as the attached report shows, approximately 65% of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle and 60% of those accidents are the fault of the driver. It can be seen what is needed to reduce motorcycle fatalities is driver education programs, my report shows on page 37 how these could immediately save 5 motorcycle rider lives every year (and perhaps many more).

All of my motorcycle safety reports can be found and downloaded on Academia at the following link.

I remain available to discuss the attached and any of my reports on Academia, because until there is an end to the anti-motorcycle bias that exists in Victoria and this includes the creation of an independent Victorian office of road safety data (as recommended in the 2012 Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety) the truth about the real and major causes of motorcycle accidents and fatalities will not be discussed or made known and therefore cannot be used to create counter-measures to help save the lives of motorcycle riders.    

Stephen Bardsley
Rider Safety Representative
Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia

Attachments from the Herald Sun. October 31, 2022.




Dear Ian.

Please find attached a copy of the RACT report on the FULL GEAR YOUTH MOTORCYCLE SAFETY PROGRAM.
One factor for some unriders is cost. Getting a road motorcycle or scooter licence is very expensive. The MRAA believes this problem will get worse as traffic congestion in cities gets worse and car parking costs more unless road authorities develop workable countermeasures. Students, job seekers and commuters will choose electric motorcycles & scooters to save time and money. Electric motorcycles are being made in Australia.




Road registered motorcycle and scooter commuters need secure parking with lockers at park & ride facilities at Glebe Hill and Kangaroo Bay. There has to be an education campaign. People can’t use a facility they do not know about. Notices should be included with licence and registration renewals sent to relevant postcodes and online.

The two new park & ride facilities in Kingborough are worse than useless for motorcycle and scooter riders. The photos are of a Kingborough park & ride facility. Space for over 200 cars, maybe 100 plus bicycles and toy vehicles but just 6 motorcycle bays as an afterthought. No two-wheelers at either park & ride mid week.

Damien Codognotto OAM


The Motorcycle Riders Association Australia

The Hobart Mercury. September 7, 2022.
Huntingfield park & ride near Kingston in Tasmania. Space for 174 cars and a secure area for bicycles but just 4 bays for motorcycles way up the back. No Lights. No cameras. No security bars. And, no lockers. October 5, 2022.
Huntingfield park & ride motorcycle bays. October 5, 2022.
Firthside park & ride near Kingston. Empty bicycle shed mid week. October 5, 2022.

A motorcyclist died in Wantirna, Victoria. A car driver may have failed to give way

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a fatal collision which claimed the life of a motorcyclist in Wantirna this afternoon. Emergency services were called to the intersection of Mountain Highway and Boronia Road where a car and motorcyclist collided about 2.50pm. The rider of the motorcycle, who is yet to be formally identified, died at the scene. The driver of the car was not injured and is assisting police with their enquiries. Investigations into the exact cause of the collision are ongoing. Anyone with information or dashcam/CCTV footage is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential report online at Link. As published in MIRAGE


Sincere sympathy to the rider’s loved ones. RIP. All unriders & undrivers should be flagged in crash data so researchers and stakeholders can develop effective countermeasures to reduce road trauma. They are not flagged in available data. Unriders and undrivers are are people using vehicles illegally, no licence, unregistered and/or unroadworthy.

Read Steve Bardsley’s THE BLAME GAME CONTINUES in Academia.

A significant part of the reason unriders exist is that motorcycle training, licencing and CTP insurance is way too expensive. This is directly the fault of road authorities. Instead of spending our money on multi-million dollar TV ads that tend to blame the victims the Transport Accident Commission should follow the lead of the Tasmanian Government and put funds into training and licensing incentives and subsidies for protective clothing using MCAP ratings.


Victoria’s top roads cop lashes out after ‘horror’ day on roads – 20/09/22

Victoria’s top roads cop has vented his frustration after a “horror” day on the roads, revealing half of all people killed on motorcycles on Victorian roads this year weren’t legally allowed to ride. Glenn Weir told 3AW there had been three “really serious” incidents on Victoria’s roads on Tuesday, two of which involved motorcycles. There is serious concern about the number of people being killed on motorcycles on Victorian roads this year. “What is really concerning is that half of the people who have been killed on the roads this year riding motorcycles should not have been riding because they didn’t have a licence – half!” he said. “They’re either disqualified, suspended, or have never had a licence – that is just ridiculous risk-taking behaviour that, as a community, we just cannot tolerate.”

Press PLAY below to hear Glenn Weir’s impassioned plea


Make sure your details are up to date.

To vote in November’s State election, you’ll need to be correctly enrolled by 8 pm on Tuesday 8 November.


Steve B spotted this notice on a Transport Accident Commission (TAC) website.

To me it looks like using a past Motorcycle Riders Association Australia activity to do a bit of campaigning for the 2022 Victorian election. There is a Victorian election in November 2022.

“The Victorian Labor Government is urging drivers and riders to look out for each other and share the roads safely, with the number of motorbikes on the roads expected to increase as the weather warms up. Marking the inaugural Motorcyclist Awareness Month, spearheaded by Victoria’s Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel (MCEP{), Minister for roads and Road Safety Ben Carroll said the initiative had been developed in collaboration with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC, Department of Transport and Victoria Police.”

Here is a the link with the claim:…/motorists-urged-to-share…

They also have a Facebook page here:

Here is the letter I wrote to TAC CEO Calafiore cc Minister Carroll.

Dear Sir,

The Motorcycle Riders Association Australia (MRAA) supports the concept of a Motorcycle Awareness Month but it not correct to claim this is the inaugural motorcycle awareness month with Department of Transport and Police support in Victoria.

The MRAA started motorcycle awareness months in October 1980. The launches were in the world famous motorcycle precinct in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. They included Victorian Transport Ministers and Assistant Commissioners of Police. Motorcyclist David Hawker, then Speaker off the House of Representatives from memory, attended more than one launch. The Federal Government supported these motorcycle safety campaigns with a letter from Prime Minister Bob Hawke (1991) and an appearance by Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser at the Old Treasury Building one year.

There’s a lot more material to document this history but I only got the information on the TAC claim today.

Please note the 1985 poster by Don Hatcher from MRA SA, again from memory.

Credit where credit is due.

Damien Codognotto OAM


The Motorcycle Riders Association Australia

To October 24, 470 people have responded to the compulsory third part insurance survey. We need a lot more. If you have not already done so please do it. It’s only 11 questions. So far respondents are mostly over 45 years old, males. Women and people under 45 ride motorcycles and drive cars too. For balance we need more women and young people to respond. The survey will run to the end of the year.