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The MOTORCYCLE RIDERS’ ASSOCIATION AUSTRALIA (MRAA) is a volunteer, informal organisation.  The original Motorcycle Riders’ Association (MRA) began in Melbourne in 1978 when a need for rider representation and driver rider awareness was identified. 

Its’ aims were and are:

1. Road safety.

2. Fair laws & taxes for motorcycle & scooter riders.

3. A better image for motorcycling.

The MRAA is committed to ensuring riders are kept informed of safety and right to ride issues. The MRAA represents its’ members only.

The three founding committee members were Mark Connor, Chris Swalwell and Damien Codognotto.

Damien, Chris and Mark met at the Hells Angels rock concert at Broadford in 1977. 

HA Secretary, Bearing, encouraged them to form a riders’ rights group.  In May 1978 the original MRA was formed at a meeting in the St Kilda Inn Hotel.  It grew rapidly. There were MRA Branches in every Australian capital city. There were 52 sub-branches or registers across the country with 16,000 members in the 1980s. The MRA replaced the ineffective, declining Federation of Australian Motorcyclists (FAM). 

Over the following three decades the MRA was Australia’s first and foremost organisation representing the road motorcycle & scooter community, lobbying for riders’ safety and rights, and organising major, on-road bike events including Driver Awareness Rides, BLOOD CHALLENGES, Melbourne MRA TOY RUNS, Motorcycle Expos and the OZ GP RUNS.

Today MRAA works mainly online; the Road Safety Committee operates from Victoria and Southern Tasmania, with much of the expertise and experience from original MRA founders Damien and Chris, longtime members Ed, Dale, Michael, and Heather, Steve (ex Victorian Scooter Riders Association President). 

MRA Tasmania south, based in Hobart, organises the last MRA TOY RUN in an Australian capital city. Held on the first Saturday in December, 2022 will be their 43rd annual event.

The first meeting of the Motorcycle Riders’ Association at the St Kilda Inn Hotel in Melbourne, Victoria. It was May 1978.
Standing: L to R Damien Codognotto, Mark Connor and Chris Swalwell